Monthly Meeting Minutes

Town of Horicon Historical Society 
August 14, 2017 Meeting

Meeting opened at 7pm by President Tom Johansen

Present: Paul Holmes, Kathy Hill, MaryAnn Hill, Pat Tunney, Margaret Holmes, Barb LaFond, Sylvia Smith, John Donovan, Barbara Blum, JoAnne Lewis

Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes of July 10th Meeting presented by Barb LaFond - The meeting was discussion only - no quorum.  Notes were reviewed

Margaret will help Secretary Barb LaFond by typing the minutes.  Sylvia asked where all previous meeting minutes are. Tom said they are kept at the museum. 

Margaret will start putting the minutes on the website -

Treasurer’s Report, Paul Holmes, Treasurer 

See attached complete report.

General fund   $3883.87 starting balance

        $510 Deposits 

        $ 245.35 Debits

        $4148.52 Ending Balance as of July 31, 2017

Museum Annex Building Fund - July 1, 2017 (not including Shindig monies)

        $1160.85 Starting Balance July 1, 2017

        $60.00 Deposits

        $1220.85 Ending Balance of July 31, 2017
Military Fund - July 1, 2017

        $6433.47 Starting balance - July 1, 2017

        No Activity

        $6433.47 Ending Balance - July 31, 2017

$4148.52 monthly ending balance

Sylvia made motion that Treasurer’s report was received and reviewed. John Donovan 2nd motion. Unanimous approval

Committee Reports

Museum - over 124 people have visited museum. More than last year. Donations received at the museum now total - $700

Old Business: ADK Annex, Distribution of By-Laws, Programs:

Museum Annex -  John Donovan reported that we’re awaiting receipt of verification document to then pay contractors.

Meeting with the Architect within next 10 days to go over next phase.

Bylaws- Tom distributed bylaws adopted June 12, 2017

Programs - Loon Program was a success with over 80 people in attendance. The former slave program was very interesting and 18 people attended.

New Business:  Open House, Docent Volunteer, NWCS 4th Graders’

No Open House this year because we’ve already had several community programs.

Shindig - Kathy Hill reported the raindrops were dodged. About 100 people attended. Starting the Basket raffle & 50/50 raffle at the garage sale in the morning was a good idea. $645 of basket raffle tickets sold during the garage sale. Food was great at the Shindig. DJ had a little electrical trouble. MaryAnn Hill personally delivered tax deduction receipts to people & businesses that donated. Total money earned during the Shindig at around $2,000.  Last year brought in about $1,400.  
Tom reported $62 in book sales. 
Discussion about where various monies earned would be for Museum or Annex. 
Sylvia remarked that alcohol was present at Shindig - being held on town property this will not be allowed in the future. 

Tom has “No Smoking” mandate at Summer Fest and at the Museum.
John stated the event was low key and entertaining. John took pictures and gave CD to Kathy Hill. 
Tom bought chalk so kids could draw on the street.

Docent - Tom needs an additional Docent working with him. He has to lock one building or the other when giving tours so people aren’t left alone in the museum.

Paul suggested nominating everyone who wasn’t in attendance to be docent.

Barb suggested educating new docents. MaryAnn suggested putting together a calendar to schedule different people for different days. Sylvia suggested using high school kids. 

Tom said all visitors are interested in the “log”, not a book.

Signage is needed on items in the museum. We’ve designation Tuesday beginning Sept. 12t, 2017 as the work ½ day for anyone who can come.
Paul’s Grandson went to the Baseball Hall of Fame last week and he said there was too much signage and he got bored.
Signage is a good way to start the digitization process for the Museum. 
Starting Tuesday Sept 12 at 9:30am and each Tuesday in Sept. will be a “signage work day”.

NWCS 4th Graders - will be visiting our museum. In the past they’ve been given pencils - Tom doesn’t want to give pencils this year. He does have pens though. Tom suggested giving the students a copy of an existing handbook. John volunteered to print 50 copies as his donation.

Tom stated we need stationary. Dawn Higgins told Tom that we have to go to Henseler Printing as they are to only ones allowed to print the Town Logo. Sylvia said we just need to get approval for the Town Board to use the town logo and then we can make our own copies. John will make things simple by doing the printing of letterhead and envelopes. Paul asked him to submit vouchers for paper and ink. Barbara Blum made Motion to have John do printing. JoAnn Lewis seconded. Unanimous. 

Barbara Blum spoke to gentleman about a “Bat” program.  Looking for a date next year.

Swede Mountain Fire Tower 100th Anniversary presentation discussion for next summer as well.
She wanted permission to go ahead and book these events. Permission was granted.

Heintzelman building is now on the National Register of Historical Buildings. Also $1,000 grant  from the Community Fund of Gore Mt Region was approved for a new furnace in the Heintzelman old library building. Grant award ceremony is August 25th. 

Adjournment - Sylvia Smith made motion to adjourn. JoAnn Lewis seconded. Unanimous

Respectively submitted by Margaret Holmes & Barb LaFond